When you dine out, you should know which wine to order depending on the type of occasion you are at. If you are new to the wine scene, you might not know which wine to order when dining out, but don’t panic! We have the right solution for you. We will help you out and give you a list of all the wines you can order when you go out for dinner at a restaurant.

Restaurants usually have a list of wines where they list down a few details about the wine you wish to order.

Which Wine to Order When Dining Out

Pinot or Sancerre

When you don’t want a flavourful wine that is dry, crisp, and white, go for Pinot or Sancerre.


This is a dry white wine that tastes great when accompanied with shellfish or other kinds of seafood.


This wine tastes great with fish, veal, or pork. It is a white wine with a touch of honey and a nutty taste. Great to drink when on a night out.

When dining out, you should make sure you have the right knowledge about wines if you are going to a restaurant. There are certain foods that taste great with wines, and some foods are cooked in wine! Foods cooked in wine also taste tremendous and ask the waiter at the restaurant to help you with any help when deciding which wine to use with your entrees.


Wine and dining out go along with each other. When going out on a night out with friends or only going to a fancy dinner, wine makes all the difference! If you wish to enjoy your night out or simply have some relaxing time, make sure to know which wines will suit your occasion to enjoy your time alone or with friends and family.