It is not always easy to gain social media followers. Indeed, on social networks, there are millions of accounts, all more popular than the others. To gain more followers, it is necessary to know the best practices and the new functionalities that the media offer to their users. In this article, we will give you the tips you need, to increase your digital community.

Pay attention to your biography

You only have a few characters to sum up who you are, or what your business is. So get to the point and don’t forget the key information: your activity, your location, a “branded hashtag” that the user can easily use to find and follow you. If you are a brand, you can add the personal account of the founder. By doing so, you will create a more powerful link between you and your community. End your biography with a shortened link to your website.

Offer regular, quality content

Quality content is content that brings added value to social media pages. We encourage you to put yourself in your audience’s shoes, to know if your content is likely to interest them or not. Internet users love great stories, but most of the time, they also seek advice and help. Try to make your posts attractive and fun to read, both in size, tone, and usefulness.

Instagram is a media of images. Because of this, the photos you post should be of high quality. Keep your feed consistent. It should tell a story and encourage social media users to follow you. You can also use geolocation and hashtags relevant to your business.

On Instagram, and now on other social networks, hashtags are essential to gain visibility. This is indeed a great way to gain followers. Make a list of keywords that describe your business and include them in your posts. Then, depending on the message you want to spread on each post, add specific hashtags. You can use more than one, but they all must be relevant to your activity and your post. The best place to integrate them is the caption of your photos. Also, do not forget about geolocation in your photos. They will thus be associated with specific places, and may appear in the user research.

In order to create high-quality and attractive content, use a dedicated app such as!

Communicate with your community

Your current community can become your ambassador if you are responsive and attentive to their needs. Respond to the comments of your followers, like, comment, and follow their accounts. Your followers will be more engaged and more willing to share your content, or even recommend you to their contacts.

Organize contests

This is the fastest way to increase the number of followers. Everyone loves gifts! Plus, they don’t need to be expensive to attract social media users. They just need to be relevant to your business, so that your audience is genuinely interested in what you’re doing. For example, in order to be part of the contestants, you can ask your followers to tag a friend in a comment.

Choose the right time to post

Social networks allow their users to know when their followers are the most active, the moments when there is the most traffic. Use this feature to choose the best time to post on your different pages!

Call on a Community Manager

Growing a community on social media requires many skills. But most of all, it needs time. By using the service of a community manager, you entrust the management and animation of your account to a professional, who already knows the inner workings of the business. You will be able to devote more time to other tasks.