Lifestyle is a method which people, nations, and groups use and are designed in a particular economic, cultural, geographical, religious, and political text. Moreover, it consists of people’s everyday behaviors and roles in activities, jobs, diet, and fun.

Other than this, citizens’ lives face new difficulties. For example, developing recent technologies within IT like virtual communication channels and the internet is leading the world into a significant challenge that endangers people’s mental and physical health. The difficulty is the misuse and overuse of new technology.

Effect of lifestyle on health

Diet including Body Mass Index

The most significant factor in lifestyle causing a positive and direct impact on health is the diet. In urban societies, the most common problem resulting from obesity is a low diet. You can measure the unreliable lifestyle by using BMI. There is a high risk of cardiovascular problems by high intake of low and fast foods. 

However, nowadays, there is a broad change in people’s lives. Malnutrition, alcohol-consuming, stress, unhealthy diet, drug abuse, smoking, and unreliable lifestyle performances are really dominant nowadays.


To treat usual health problems, you can include exercise in your lifestyle. Continuous exercise with a healthy diet will enhance your health. Some studies also explain the stress of an active lifestyle with your happiness. 


One of the principles of healthful life is sleep. Sleep can never be apart from your lifestyle. Sleep troubles constitute various economic, physiological health consequences. Lifestyle will affect your sleep, and it has a profound effect on your mental health. 

Sexual behavior

For a normal lifestyle, a healthy sex relation is essential. Most societies’ most evident problem is unreliable sex behavior, which has a notable effect on physical and mental health. It may lead to other sex-related illnesses such as AIDS.

Substance abuse

Addiction offers an unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking and practicing other drugs may result in different obstacles; cardiovascular disorder, cancer, and asthma.  


Leisure time pass is a visible factor of lifestyle. Overlooking leisure can bring adverse results. With chaotic preparation and unhealthy leisure, individuals compromise their well-being.


It is vital to follow a healthy lifestyle to get the most beneficial results. Lifestyle has several significant impacts on your health, and all of them may be considered to get the most reliable outcomes.